How to protect your data?

The need to protect your data is very important as many ways not keeping your data properly can be used against you. For instance, if you do not keep your data properly, it could result in people being able to either defraud you or clone your identity and use it to carry out fraud. The fraud could subsequently be traced back to you.

Using strong passwords
One of the best ways to protect your data is by using passwords. Virtually every digital thing today comes with passwords. This includes your phones, tablets, computers as well as online platforms where you are expected to register and put in some sensitive data about yourself. To protect your data, it is important to use passwords that would be difficult for even those closest to you to guess. It is also important that you do not divulge such passwords to anyone irrespective of how close they are to you. Several people have carelessly provided their passwords to their friends or family members, who have subsequently used the password to defraud them. For example, allowing people to have access to your ATM pin could make them target your ATM, steal it, and use it to withdraw money from your account. You might end up not knowing who used your ATM at the end of the day.

Use software
There are some security software solutions that you can use to protect your data as well. Some of these software solutions help you use a single password to access different accounts so that you do not have to keep trying to remember which software you would use to open which platform. There are also password managers that you can use to store the different passwords to your different websites. However, you have to be sure it is a reliable password manager so that your password is not compromised by lodging it on their platform.

Being careful about the type of links that you click on
You should be careful about the type of link that you click on when you are surfing the Internet. There are a lot of false links that are designed to get your information. Once they can get the information, they would subsequently be able to use it to defraud you. It is common to see the social media platforms of people, especially their Facebook pages being hacked. What is normally responsible for that is a situation where a friend’s account is hacked and they send you a message through a friend’s page to vote for someone or win something. Once you click on the link, they might be able to hack your website or they could ask you to confirm your username and password. They would subsequently be able to have access to that sensitive information.

Being able to spot and avoid fake websites
Several fake and cloned websites are available today. The function of such websites is to make an individual think they are carrying out a legitimate transaction with the real version of that website, be convinced to put in sensitive information, and then subsequently get scammed by the owner of that website. Always ensure websites you enter your sensitive data starts with https, as opposed to just Http. Always try to confirm that the spelling of the website is correct too before you start filling in any sensitive information.