Certified Garage Door Technician

The term “certified technician” seems like a word referring to a professional with lots of training and education in that particular field. Unfortunately, though, the garage door business that term doesn’t mean much. Each company can have a completely different standard for what they consider a certified tech.


They can decide what type of training their certified technicians will go through. The problem is that there are no regulations at any level of the government, state, national, or even county, that put restrictions or requirements on this term certified. An employee could have no training at all, and they still could legally call him certified.


Without regulations, it allows unethical people to go into business in the garage door industry. Knowing this, it makes it a little intimidating trying to figure out which companies do things the right way and which ones are your fly by night companies looking to make a quick dollar any way possible. So you need to be prepared to go into this process of finding someone to fix your door.

Good Company

The first thing you want to know is if the company you are going to hire is an honest one, that isn’t trying to take advantage of you. For this, you need to make sure the company has done background checks and drug tests on all of its employees. Ask the company this and don’t just take their word for it. Ask for proof on paper so that you know for …