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5 things to know about SUN Direct leading DTH provider

DTH services have become quite common over the last decade and a half. At a time, most subscribers had to depend on local cable operators. With the introduction of DTH services in the market, there has been a healthy competition. With sharp picture quality and 5.1 Digital Dolby surround sound, Sun Direct offers you an amazing HD TV experience.

Also, like electricity bill payment online, DTH recharge services on online platforms, like the Airtel Payments Bank. Here are 5 things you need to know about SUN Direct.

  • You can get a new Sun Direct connection online

If you would like a new Sun Direct SD or HD connection, you can do so on the website. You would need to fill up a small form and apply on the portal. Online payments can be made on the website itself. You can pay through Credit or Debit Cards, Net Banking, UPI or digital wallets. If you need to make some enquiries, you can request to make a callback. Even if you would like to upgrade your connection from SD to HD, you can generate a request on the website.

  • You can subscribe to Ala-Carte or Sun Direct Bouquet online

If you would like, you have the option to add Sun Direct bouquets or Broadcaster bouquets. You can also add a specific channel to your base package. If you would like to activate an add-on pack or just a channel, you can make the changes through your Sun Direct Account. You can select the required bouquets and Ala-Carte on the Subscription Pack page. You can finally make the payment. You can even activate the add-on pack or channel through SMS.

  • You can upgrade your set-top box in two ways

It is possible for you to upgrade your set-top box from SD to SD+ or from SD to HD. SD+ allows you to record facilities. For this, you can contact the Sun Direct Helpline. Otherwise, you can visit the nearest Sun Direct Sun Shine Centres or retailers. You can pay for your DTH recharge on the Airtel Payments Bank website. It is a great platform for recharge or electricity bill payment online.

  • You can refresh your set-top box or receiver during errors

If the set-top box is facing issues connecting with the satellite and you cannot view a channel, you might get error codes like E-16, E-017, E-19, E-100 or E-101. If there is heavy rain, you could just wait for it to pass. Otherwise, you can refresh your set-top box. The box should be switched on and you need to go to channel 36. Now under the ‘Help’ section of the website, you can click on the Refresh option. You would need to verify the Sun Direct account. You can choose the error code and proceed to refresh. Also you can choose sun direct DTH recharge service online.

  • You can find the nearest dealer online

If you are looking for the nearest Sun Shine centres, you can find the list on the Sun Direct website.

These are some of the things you need to know about the leading DTH provider – Sun Direct.